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Guest Instructors


Penny Hewitt

Lazy Mill Treecraft

Northeast Kingdom, Vermont

Among other things, Penny is a homeschooling mom, craftsperson and  homesteader, who is inspired by the traditions of other cultures to  revitalize and share skills useful to everyday life. In an effort to  deepen her connection to the land and limit her participation in  consumer culture, she strives to grow, craft and participate in seasonal  harvests for as many of her needs and wants as possible.  She is also  grateful to be part of a generous community of talented makers and  growers with whom she trades skills, ideas and wares.  She uses hand  harvested resources from the forest, letting the qualities of varying  materials dictate their use.  You can find her teaching children and  adults all over Vermont and beyond; in private homes, on farms, at her  studio in the Northeast Kingdom, at art centers and traditional skills  schools and gatherings.

Christian Jaquith

Troll Hill Studios

Jewel Quality Glassworks

Granville, Vermont

Local Vermont Artisan and Ski Patroller Christian Jaquith studied Architecture at Ball State University, (yes, home to the ubiquitous Ball canning jar!) soon coming full circle to compliment his upbringing as a carpenter and life long craftsperson by enjoying most being in a stained glass studio teaching and sharing this fine art. His early exposure to colored glass via his Grandparent’s phantastic kaleidoscope combined with establishing a stained glass studio at home- buttressed by teaching weekend stained glass workshops since the 1900’s at the Yestermorrow Design and Build School in Waitsfield VT, has resulted in seeing the many satisfied smiles from students who successfully join the guild of colored light! Christian is joining the wonderful Day Breaks Glass Studio in Bethel by offering a class in the Leaded Stained Glass technique which will produce durable glass panels suitable for inclusion in any window or wall opening.

Untitled design(21).jpg

Allyson Biondo

RainRose Glass

Hancock, Vermont

Hello! My name is Allyson Biondo and I am the woman behind

RainRose Glass. I am a mother of four and a stained glass artist

living in Hancock, Vermont. I revel in the moments I am allowed the freedom of my creative process. I have spent most of my life moved by the act of creating....sculpting, painting, crafting, and now working with glass...The magic that happens when sunlight filters through glass seems to touch most everyone. My earrings are a way to wear and capture that magic! I am happy to recycle small pieces of glass from my windows and share the beauty of this craft with all. In this busy life of mine, I am grateful to still be moving. I am grateful to still be moved.....

Jenny Monfore

Old Time FLowers

Montpelier, Vermont

Old Time Flowers is a one-woman show run by Jenny Monfore. Originally from Montana and raised in Alaska, her nomadic spirit has led her to many different parts of the country in pursuit of unique opportunities. In 2019 Jenny started her own market garden in western North Carolina with a veggie CSA and sold cut flowers at a tiny farmer’s market. In 2020 she worked at the Johnny’s Selected Seeds research farm in Maine as a gleaning coordinator and fell hard core in love with flowers. She migrated back to Vermont and 2024 will be her fourth season farming in the Green Mountain state. The name ‘Old Time Flowers’ is a nod to her passion for playing old time southern Appalachian fiddle music and her affinity for an old fashioned homestead lifestyle. 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 12-46-03 Jenny Monfore (_old_time_flowers) • Instagram photos and
Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 10-24-28 Dayna Sabatino (_daybreaksglassstudiovt) • Instagram pho

Andre Souligney


Roxbury, Vermont

Using freshly harvested green wood and traditional hand-tools, I make asymmetrical spoons and other kitchen utensils, bowls, milking stools and woodland work benches, shaving horses, chopping blocks, mallets, tool handles, and other interesting things. I love to learn, experiment, share and expand the joy of the craft with others I meet along the way.  My partner Heather and I are raising our growing daughters here in the hills of Vermont, and I cherish the time, interest, and support each of them afford me to pursue my spoonderlust…


Prin Van Gulden

Craftsbury, Vermont

Prin is a local craftswoman passionate about exploring our connections to land and humanity through traditional crafts & skills.  She believes the ecological relationships we maintain through this work are as essential as the skills we cultivate.

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